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93 김정연 Multinomial regression modeling of vowel insertion patterns: adaptation of coda stops from English to Korean Linguistics 60.4
92 전보미 Between Transgression and Conviviality: Everyday Urban Space and the Carnivalesque Strategies in The Lonely Londoners Texas Studies in Literature and Language 64.2
91 김정연 Perception of foreign segments in loanword phonology Lingua 262
90 임이연 "The “Homosexual Code” in Contemporary Korean Theatre: The Case of Shakespeare ’ s R & J in Seoul" Asian Theatre Journal 39
89 임이연 Yeats’s Doll and Donkey: Alienating the Upanishads in The Herne’s Egg Modern Drama 63.4
88 이석구 The Erotic-Grotesque versus Female Agency in Colonial Korea in Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden Canadian journal of film studies 29.2
87 이은경 The contribution of form repetition to listeners’ expectation of givenness in online reference resolution Discourse Process 58.9
86 양석원 She Did What She Liked!": Ethics of Freedom and Desire in Henry James's" Daisy Miller 43.2
85 정은선, 이은경 Planning Case Marking Information in Language Production 언어 46.2
84 김재철 Korean Financial Thrillers: Neo-liberal Governmentality in Default and Black Money Canadian journal of film studies 31.1