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    (CETS Songdo Campus)Liberty A 417
    (EWTS Shinchon Campus)Oesol 221-2 ELI Lab

The College English Tutoring Service (CETS) and the English Writing Tutoring Service (EWTS) were developed with the goal of enhancing our graduate students’ English writing skills and training them as certified English writing instructors. Since 2007, our graduate students have been serving as English writing consultants for undergraduate students attending Yonsei University and all consultants have received International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) from the College Reading & Learning Association.

Both CETS and EWTS are CRLA-certified programs run by the BK21Plus Project of the English Department and Yonsei University College. Any graduate students in the English Department can participate in the programs and the consultants are required to work 6 hours a week and attend all tutoring workshops and training sessions.