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BK21 Project Organization

Committee Work Performed
Planning Committee
  • Overall management of the BK21 Project
  • Select students for scholarships, select and replace professors in the BK21 Project, recommend the Director of BK21 Project
  • Evaluate the contribution of participating personnel in the BK21 Project and determine incentives accordingly
  • lanning of workshops, academic conferences, sending students overseas, etc. related to the overall subject/topic of the BK21 Project
Publishing Committee
  • Editing and publishing of ‘Situations: Cultural Studies in the Asian Context’
    - an International Journal of Cultural Research run by the BK21 Project
  • Organize and hold international academic conference: ‘Situations’
  • Other publications planned by the BK21 Project
Committee on Human Life and Technology Convergence Studies
  • Select and support students participating in domestic and international academic conferences
  • Select and send students for international workshops, seminars and the writing center
  • Benchmark leading international universities for academic exchange
  • Host seminars by inviting renowned international scholars
Committee on English Literature-focused Comparative Studies
Committee on Post-colonialism and Multiculturalism
Committee on Digital Human Language of Big Data Studies
  • Manage BK21 Project’s English Language Informatics Lab
  • rain computational linguistics and English corpus construction for participating graduate students
  • Select and manage teaching assistants necessary for the English Writing Tutoring Service for undergraduate English literature students