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6 김지영 Chinatown and the American Dream: Representation of Chinatown in Flower Drum Song and The Year of the Dragon International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research 9.8
5 김혜원 Domesticating Hedwig: Neoliberal Global Capitalism and Compression in South Korean Musical Theatre The Journal of Popular Culture 51.2
4 박주현 Journalism Behind Bars: Bethell’s Anti-Japanese English-Korean Newspapers Victorian Perioidcals Review 51.1
3 Terence Murphy & Kelly Walsh Coincidence and Counterfactuality: The Multiple Plot Structure of The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) Film Criticism 42.1
2 A. James & S. H. Fraundorf & 이은경 & D. Watson Individual Differences in Syntactic Processing: Is There Evidence for Reader-text Interactions? Journal of Memory and Language 102
1 Kelly S. Walsh & Terry Murphy "What Makes a Modernist Short Story a Story?: The Case of Katherine Mans?eld’s 'At Lehmann’s.'" Journal of Language, Literature and Culture 64.3