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13 김정연 Perception of foreign segments in loanword phonology Lingua 262
12 임이연 Yeats’s Doll and Donkey: Alienating the Upanishads in The Herne’s Egg Modern Drama 63.4
11 이석구 The Erotic-Grotesque versus Female Agency in Colonial Korea in Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden Canadian journal of film studies 29.2
10 이은경 The contribution of form repetition to listeners’ expectation of givenness in online reference resolution Discourse Process 58.9
9 양석원 She Did What She Liked!": Ethics of Freedom and Desire in Henry James's" Daisy Miller 43.2
8 최성우 The Rhetoric of Idealism in Tagore's Pan-Asianism Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies 47(1)
7 Terry Murphy The Short Story and Intertextuality: Fictional Discreteness, Textual Self-Sufficiency and the Concept of the Uncanny Resemblance Critique-Studies in Contemporary Fiction 62
6 이석구 Raical Passing and the Eurasian Question in Kipling's Kim International Research in Children's Literature
5 백윤석 The Ethics of Betrayal: Seduction and Initiation in Dangerous Liasions Fictional Worlds and the Moral Imagination
4 신경숙, 이헬렌 Living as a Colonial Girl: The Sonyo Discourse of School Curriculum and Newspapers in 1930s Korea International Journal of Asian Studies 18.1