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83 김재철 Early Modern Economic Theology and Oikonomia in The Merchant of Venice Literature & theology 36.1
82 김재철 Early Modern Discourses of Lycanthropy and John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi Parergon 38.1
81 최성우 The Rhetoric of Idealism in Tagore's Pan-Asianism Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies 47(1)
80 Terry Murphy The Short Story and Intertextuality: Fictional Discreteness, Textual Self-Sufficiency and the Concept of the Uncanny Resemblance Critique-Studies in Contemporary Fiction 62
79 임이연 Yeats's Doll and Donkey: Alienating the Upanishads in The Herne's Egg Modern Drama 63.4
78 이석구 Raical Passing and the Eurasian Question in Kipling's Kim International Research in Children's Literature
77 이석구 The Erotic-Grotesque versus Female Agency in Colonial Korea in Park Chanwook's The Handmaiden Canadian Journal of Film Studies 29.2
76 백윤석 The Ethics of Betrayal: Seduction and Initiation in Dangerous Liasions Fictional Worlds and the Moral Imagination
75 신경숙, 이헬렌 Living as a Colonial Girl: The Sonyo Discourse of School Curriculum and Newspapers in 1930s Korea International Journal of Asian Studies 18.1
74 김재철 Early Modern Discourses of Lycanthropy and John Webster's the Duchess of Malfi Parergon 38.1