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63 Jaecheol Kim “Let’s make us medicines of our great revenge”: Medicine and Sovereignty in Macbeth CEA Critic 82(1)
62 Jaecheol Kim Marlowe’s sacred city and the walls in The Jew of Malta Cahiers Elisabethains 101(1)
61 Wonseok Kim & Seok-Chae Rhee Factor Analysis on Subject Relativizer Alternation English Studies 101:2
60 Zhu Tianyuan The Cultural Differences between Eastern and Western Epics through the Comparison of Satan in the Paradise Lost and Monkey King in the Journey to the West The International Journal of Advanced Culture Technology 7
59 윤사라 A Glutton or an Epicure': Food Acts in R.M.Ballantyne's The Coral Island Children's Literature in Education n/a
58 김재철 Biocalyptic imaginations in Japanese and Korean films: undead nation-states in I Am a Hero and Train to Busan INTER-ASIA CULTURAL STUDIES 20
57 김현우 Cross-linguistic activation of implicit causality biases in Korean learners of English BILINGUALISM-LANGUAGE AND COGNITION 22(3)
56 이승희 Problem Presentation of Injury During Triage in Emergency Care RESEARCH ON LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL INTERACTION 52
55 김지영 Chinatown and the American Dream: Representation of Chinatown in Flower Drum Song and The Year of the Dragon International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research 9.8
54 김혜원 Domesticating Hedwig: Neoliberal Global Capitalism and Compression in South Korean Musical Theatre The Journal of Popular Culture 51.2