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73 김재철 The Price of Virginity in the Early Modern Theater: Middleton and Rowley's The Changeling Women's Studies 50.5
72 이승희 When OKAY is Repeated: Closing the Talk So Far in Korean and Japanese Conversation OKAY Across Languages; Toward a Comparative Approach to Its Use in Talk-in-interaction
71 이은경 Look-ahead Planning of Lexical Heads in Adjunct-head Structures Lingua 244
70 김현우, Theres Fruter Predictive Processing of Implicit Causality in a Second Language Studies in Second Language Acquisition 43.1
69 김현우, 신규호, 황혜림 Integration of Verbal and Constructional Information in the Second Language Processing of English Dative Constructions Studies in Second Language Acquisition 42
68 Suk Koo Rhee The Erotic-Grotesque Versus Female Agency in Colonial Korea in Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden Canadian Journal of Film Studies 29(2)
67 Somi Ahn The Old Woman and the New in Eliza Lynn Linton’s The Second Youth of Theodora Desanges Women's Studies 49:1
66 Suk Koo Rhee Laundering Treasure in Stevenson’s Treasure Island International Research in Children’s Literature 13.1
65 Suk Koo Rhee Suki Kim’s The Interpreter: A Critical Rewriting of the Hard-Boiled Detective Fiction Genre Genre 53.2
64 Haerim Hwang, Hyeyoung Jung, Hyunwoo Kim Effects of Written Versus Spoken Production Modalities on Syntactic Complexity Measures in Beginning-Level Child EFL Learners The Modern Language Journal 104, 1