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318 백윤석 A Demonic Shipwreck: On Ernst Jünger’s Wartime Diaries 비교문학 85
317 이석재 “ 아학편(兒學編)” 영단어 발음의 한글 표기에 관한 소고 인문언어 22.2
316 Chen Yue Tension between the Libidinal and the Political in The Young Generation 현대영화연구 46
315 Chen Yue The Effects of Pearl S. Buck’s Gender on Her Translation of Expletives in Shuihu Zhuan 영어영문학 35.2
314 Chen Yue The Projection of China’s National Image during Covid-19: A Corpus-based Analysis of Speeches Addressed by Chinese Leaders on the Global Stage 언어학연구 62
313 남승원 Edna’s Regression to Infantilism in The Awakening 영어영문학 34.3
312 황정현 Identifying the Genre of the Journals of Musan as Ontological Affective Realism 동서비교문학저널 5.2
311 황정현 Colonial Vortex as Third World Textual Rhetoric in James Joyce’s “An Encounter” and Wong Bik Wan’s “Losing the City 신영어영문학 80
310 황정현 Colonial Repetition as Third World Textual Aesthetics: A Theoretical Approach 동서비교문학저널 57
309 남승원 The Legality of Hamlet’s Modern Revenge Shakespeare Review 57.3