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27 이석구 "호모 이코노미쿠스"로서의 로빈슨 크루소 재고 <영어영문학> 64.4
26 김희연 Hugh Lofting’s Doctor Dolittle Series: Labyrinthine Spaces, Serialization, and the Impossible Book Project <근대영미소설> 25.3
25 정서인 Peripheralization of Females in Frank Chin’s The Year of the Dragon <현대영어영문학> 62.1
24 최초아 Narrative Form, Unheimlich, and the Queer Subject in Jessica Hagedorn's Dogeaters <영어권문화연구> 11.1
23 정예지 & 이석재 Acoustic Analysis of English Lexical Stress Produced by Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese-Chinese Speaker <말소리와 음성과학> 10.1
22 정서인 Understanding Trauma Narrative Tactics in Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried <신영어영문학> 70
21 이정화 & 이석재 Acoustic Analysis of Korean Trisyllabic Words Produced by English and Korean Speakers <말소리와 음성과학> 10.2
20 송유진 & 김상우 & 이석재 The Role of VOT and f0 in Production of Korean Word-initial Stops by Non-native Learners of the Korean Language <외국어로서의 한국어교육> 50
19 변지연 Modern Asian Poets under Western Gaze: Bei Dao and Yosano Akiko in World Literature <영어영문학21> 31.1
18 김윤서 To the Horizon: Tracing Janie Crawford's Modern Consciousness in Their Eyes Were Watching God <근대영미소설> 25.1