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17 최련 A Corpus-based Study on the Use of Semantic Prosody by English Learners <인문학연구> 29
16 양나영 Hata's Black Sun: The Melancholic and the (Gendered) Morbid Bodeis in A Gesture Life <미국학> 41.1
15 최석훈 Celebrating Theatre’s Medial Mobillity in the Age of Digitization: Media, Liveness, and Hypermediacy in Annie Baker’s The Flick <현대영미드라마> 31.1
14 성제현 Individual Differences in Frequency Effects in English Palatalization <언어연구> 34.2
13 성제현 Gradient Vowel Harmony in Korean Ideophones: A Corpus-based Study <음성·음운·형태론연구> 24.1
12 성제현 Individual Variation in Lexical Palatalization: Articulatory Evidence from Scottish Gaelic <언어학> 80
11 서정은 증언과 윤리공동체의 (재)구성: 로버트 블링코의 회고록을 중심으로 <안과밖> 45
10 서정은 Fellowship beyond Kinship: Sympathy, Nature and Culture in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein <영어영문학> 64.2
9 박주현 Playing the Feminine: Politics of Gendered Performances in Charlotte Dacre’s Zofloya 영어권문화연구 11.2
8 김재철 아감벤의 공간 그리고 탈식민주의 <비평과 이론> 23.2