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258 김정연 The Capitalistic Versus Militaristic Debate: Paradigm Uniformity Revisited Korean Journal of English Language and Linguistics 21
257 김정연 Measuring NP Complexity in Korean EFL Writing Across CEFR Levels A2, B1, and B2 Korean Journal of English Language and Linguistics 21
256 김정연 A Corpus-based Analysis of Syntactic/Semantic Errors in University Level EFL Learners' Writing 인문언어 22.2
255 최성우 Intellectuals as Rhetors and Rhetoric as power: A Study on Tasks on Modern Rhetoricians from a Foucauldian Perspective 수사학 39
254 최성우 희곡 M.나비 속 권력의 전복과 한국어 번역 영어영문학 26
253 김지은 The Dark Side of the Jazz Age in Lee Chang-Dong's Burning 건지인문학 30
252 지수현, 신혜린 Ecliptic Revolution of the 'Un-Landed' and 'Landed' in Shakespeare's King Lear The Journal of Mirae English Language and Literature 26(3)
251 Lu Tian The Forgotten Space in Hong Kong: Ann Hui's Cinematics of Everyday Life in 아시아영화연구 14.1
250 Deborah Kremer A Different Approach to Feminism Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Rhetoric 수사학 40
249 양혜진 Visually Gendering Christiana: Part Two of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress 근대영미소설 27.3