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19 허유정 "Pedagogical Process in Sequence Organisation: Teacher’s Reaction to Student’s Non-response in One-on-one Sessions." <담화와 인지> 21.3
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17 전보미 "Cosmopolitan Sensibilities: The Creation of Aesthetic Spaces and Female Subjectivity in Zadie Smith's On Beauty." <인문언어> 16.2
16 유가을 "The Alienation of the White-masked Moor in Othello." <영어영문학연구> 56.3
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14 이승연 "Oriental Imagery and Female Victimhood in Nora Okja Keller's Comfort Woman." <영어영문학21> 27.2
13 신정주 "Ethnic Modernism in Carlos Bulosan's America is in the Heart." <미국소설> 21.2
12 송정경 "'Fluidity' as Idenitity Politics and the Contradictions of Muliticulturalism: David Henry Hwang's Yellow Face." <영어권문화연구> 7.3
11 송정경 "Reconstructing East-West Disparity in David Henry Hwang's Golden Child." <영어영문학21> 27.2
10 박효원 "South Koreans' Despair before the Modern Power Structure in The Host." <인문과학연구논총> 35.2