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171 신경숙 The ‘Chain of Existence and Events’: Rethinking Narrative Community of Humans, Half-Humans, and Non-Humans in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, The Last Man, and Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Science Fiction and Fantasy International Conference
170 이석재 New English Education in North Korea: A Corpus Approach Fourth Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference
169 윤혜준 Tracing Experience: Assessing Literary Essays of EFL Learners TEFLIN International Conference
168 이승희 Three Forms of Disconfirming Responses to Polar Questions in Korean Conversation 5th International Conference on Conversation Analysis
167 박형지 Setting up Shop in Asia: Joint Universities and the Liberal Arts Celebrating 90 years (1928-2018): Recent Trends and New Approaches in Asian Scholarship HYI 90th Anniversary Alumni Conference
166 우미성 Performance, Technology, and Historicity of the Urban Space: Reading Collective Memories and Desires of Koreans through DDP Technologies of East Asian Performance
165 우미성 Cultural Flows Across Uneven Borders AAS Annual Conference
164 방펄 From Monolingual Beliefs to Transligual Practice: Using First Person Narratives as Intervention to Instigate Transformation Conference on College Composition & Communication
163 우미성 “Cinematic Violence and Regressive Transgression in the Post-Millennial South Korean Crime Thriller Films” Yale University 2018 Film & Media Studies Graduate Student Conference on “The Aggressive Image” (2018년 2월 17일-18일 미국)
162 최초아 “The Politics of Exclusion and Exception of the Fool in King Lear” 2018 Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities (2018년 1월 9일-11일 미국)