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211 강태훈 A Critical Feminist Multi-Modal Studies of Women's Sportswear Brands 2020 ELLAK International Conference
210 황정현 Walt Whitman's Preface to 'Leaves of Grass' and the Commercial Video on YouTube 2020 ELLAK International Conference
209 Chen Yue The Sentiment Analysis of C-E Translations in Global Communication The 3rd International Conference on Diplomatic Discourse and Foreign Affairs Translation
208 김수연 Decentralization of Poetry in the Digital Age through 'Instapoetry' 2020 ELLAK International Conference
207 지수현 Female Leadership in the Age of COVID-19: K-Quarantine Led by Korea's First Female Head of KDCA, Eun-kyeong Jeong 2021 KAFSEL Virtual International Conference
206 최다연 베니스의 상인속 캐릭터들의 무의식 탐구: 안토니오와 샤일록을 중심으로 2020 ELLAK International Conference
205 김지윤 'A Painful Case': A Belated Arrival of Desire 2020 ELLAK International Conference
204 김진경 Imagining Posthuman in Marvel Heroes The 52nd Annual Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association
203 황정현 Short Stories as National Allegories: A Comparative Approach 2021 ACLA Annual Meeting
202 송우진 Construction of Asian Cinema Within Western Universality 2021 Situations Virtual International Conference - Between Asia and Europe: Whither Comparative Cultural Studies