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[논문] [Graduate Thesis Research Proposal Submission and Thesis Evaluation Procedures](2020 Fall)
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[Graduate Thesis Research Proposal Submission and Thesis Evaluation Procedures]

1. Eligibility :Students who passes the qualification examinations(foreign language, comprehensive) are eligible to submit Thesis Research Proposal. In the period of leave of absence, it is not possible to submit it. The Thesis Research Proposal submitted during the leave of absence will be removed. After returning to school, it is possible to submit it.

2. Submission Procedure of Thesis Research Proposal

Step 1. Log-in to Yonsei Portal system

Step 2. Consent to the graduate thesis ethics commitment

Step 3. Upload Research Proposal. Save and print it out.

Step 4. Get it approved by the research advisor and submit the approved copy to the department office

Step 5. The department approves the proposal based on the research advisor’s comments

Step 6. Graduate School approves the proposal

3. Submit Thesis Research Proposal & English Name Revision on Yonsei Portal

Period: Aug 12(Wed) 2020 ~ Sep 16(Wed) 2020 (23:59)

In order to upload the proposal, students should agree to the graduate thesis ethics commitment.

4. Doctoral Thesis in English

- Doctoral students who matriculated post Fall 2006 are obliged to write their dissertation in English.

- For certain topics that are difficult to be written in English, students may request an approval from their research advisor for writing the dissertation in Korean or any other foreign language except English. In this case, students must get the approval for it by Sep 18(Fri).


Step 1. Log-in to Yonsei Graduate School web-site(

Step 2. Download the form named ‘영어이외의 외국어 박사학위논문 작성승인요청서’ on the web-site, and fill out the form

Step 3. Get the approval from research advisor(Sign on the form) and submit it to the department office

Step 4. The department office ask the approval to Graduate School

Step 5. Graduate School approve

* Download the form(’영어이외의 외국어 박사학위논문 작성승인요청서‘)

Web-site Main Page -> Academics -> Downloads -> ‘학위논문’ -> No.8 ‘[학위논문] 학위논문 관련 각종양식’

5. Thesis Committee Selection: Students submit the name list of thesis committee to the department office. Then, the department updates the thesis committee information. (Sep 21(Mon), 2020 (17:00))

- Master’s : Update the research advisor and thesis committee.

- Doctoral : In the semester of submitting the thesis research proposal, the research advisor must be updated. Then, in the next semester, when evaluating the thesis, thesis committee must be updated

*According to the regulation, doctoral students must take a direct research for at least 2 semesters.: Doctoral students’ thesis cannot be evaluated when they submit their thesis research proposal or when the proposal is approved. Thesis evaluation is possible in the next semester of submitting a proposal and being approved.

6. Preliminary Evaluation

- Preliminary Evaluation: Sep 25(Fri) 2020 ~ Oct 23(Fri) 2020

- Deadline for submitting preliminary evaluation results(Submit to respective departmental offices): Oct 23(Fri)

- After Nov 1, 2020, students who’v passed preliminary evaluation can issue the certificate of degree conferral

7. Final Evaluation

- Final Evaluation: Nov 20(Fri) 2020 ~ Dec 22(Tue) 2020

- Deadline for submitting and inputting final evaluation results: Dec 24(Thu) 2020 (23:59)

8. Submit the final thesis

- Deadline for submitting final thesis online(Expected): Jan 1(Fri) 2021 (17:00)

- Deadline for submitting final thesis in hard copy(Expected) : Jan 8(Fri) 2021 (17:00)

- Submit to Yonsei University Library

9. Attention

- Please meet the deadline, and be aware that you might get disadvantage if you miss the deadline.

- Especially, if you do not submit the final thesis in time, you will not be able to graduate this time although you’ve passed the final evaluation.


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