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[Online Conference] JSLS2021 (June 5- June 6, 2021)
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Online Virtual Conference 

JSLS2021 will be held June 5 (Sat.)- June 6 (Sun.), 2021. It will be an online virtual conference hosted by Okinawa International University in Okinawa, Japan. (Note: JSLS2020 was originally scheduled to be held in-person at Okinawa International University in 2020, but was cancelled due to COVID-19.) 

JSLS hopes to stimulate research in the language sciences based on natural language data, in areas including language acquisition, psycholinguistics, discourse analysis and sociolinguistics, and to support the development of the language sciences through exchange between researchers. This conference is international and multidisciplinary. 

Conference website: 

Submission link: 

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 (23:59 JST). 

 Plenary Speaker 

Dr. William O'Grady (University of Hawai'i at Manoa): "Language Endangerment and Language Revitalization in East Asia: The Role of Experimental Linguistics" 

 Special Sessions 

   Symposium:Two approaches to Second language acquisition (in English) 

Discussant: Takaaki Suzuki (Kyoto Sangyo University) 


· Kitaek Kim (Seoul National University) 

· On-Soon Lee (Sunchon National University) 

· Il Jae Lee (Kwangwoon University) 


   Forum: Language policy and experimental research on the endangered Truku language (in English) 

Discussant: William O’Grady (University of Hawai'i at Manoa) 


· Apay Tang (National Dong Hwa University) 

· Hajime Ono (Tsuda University) 

· Masataka Yano (Tokyo Metropolitan University) 

· Manami Sato (Okinawa International University)

Contact: All questions about submissions should be emailed to the JSLS2021 Review Committee Chairperson, Kei Nakamura (



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