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145 정회훈 The effect of Postvocalic Consonant Features on Vowel Duration 2018 한국음성학회 가을 학술대회
144 유지윤 & 전지현 Effects of L1 on the Acoustic Cues for Voiceless Stops and its Relation with L2 Proficiency 2018 한국음성학회 가을 학술대회
143 윤사라 Robinson Crusoe’s Gun: Anthropocentrism in the Natural World 2018 ELLAK International Conference
142 박주현 Remapping the Biodystopia: on Richard Jefferies’s After London ELLAK International Conference
141 서정은 Tactile Epistemology in Thomas Hardy’s Tess of D’Urbervilles ELLAK International Conference
140 성제현 The Three-way Contrast of Conversational Korean Stops Hanyang International Symposium on Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences of Language (HISPhonCog)
139 서정은 Fellowship beyond Kinship: Sympathy, Nature and Culture in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein 한국영미문학페미니즘학회 봄정기학술대회
138 이승희 Compromised Medical Authority: Interaction between Medical Students and Simulated Patients in Clinical Performance Exams Humanities and Science: Yonsei University-Nanyang Technological University Joint Faculty Symposium
137 이승희 Talk and Body: Problem Presentation of Injury in Emergency Care 2018 Applied Linguistics Association of Korea International Conference
136 서홍원 영어교육의 미래와 국제경쟁력 한국영어교육의 위기: 영어교육과 국제경쟁력